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If it's unique, you may find it at Arts Exotiques!
Arts Exotiques offers a wide variety of home decor product catalogs from the Southern Mediterranean
Bird Cage Wholesale
Wholesale Bird Cages Catalog!
Arts Exotiques offers a variety of exotic bird cages for wholesale. Tunisian style, Victorian style, and wedding bird cages.
Wholesale Moroccan Poufs Catalog!
Low minimum order, and large variety of Moroccan poufs is available at wholesale and immediate shipping.
Poufs Wholesale
Drums Wholesale
Wholesale Drums Catalog!
Arts Exotiques distributes a collection of the most exotic drums at wholesale prices.
Wholesale Olive Wood Catalog!
Arts Exotiques is a distributor of the most exotic olive wood creations
Lines and categories includes:
wholesale chess sets, wholesale wooden bowls, wholesale kitchenware, wholesale wood crafts, wholesale barware, wholesale mortars and pestles, wholesale vases, wholesale trinket boxes.
Olivewood Wholesale
Novelty Wholesale
Novelty Wholesale Catalog!
Arts Exotiques is an exclusive supplier of one of the most exotic chess sets out there. Novelty chess set wholesale pricing from the Artist!
Wholesale Ashtrays Supplier Catalog!
Arts Exotiques distributes a collection of exotic windproof ashtrays like you never seen before ... at wholesale prices.
Ashtrays Wholesale
Mosaic Stone Wholesale
Crafters Catalog!
Order lots and bulk of earth tone mosaic stones from the Mediterranean!.
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Designer Center
Interior Design Services Catalog!
We work hand on hand with interior designers to meet their most capricious needs.
We offer wholesale pricing on custom custom tiling projects, for indoor out outdoor decor
If it is on tiles, we custom design it for you!
Wholesale Products for Retailers Catalog!
Retailers! Start taking custom orders without carrying inventory. Arts Exotiques offers you the ability to display one sample mosaic, and propose custom resizing for your clients, along with 400+ unique mosaics for your client to choose from.
Mosaic Wholesale
Mount it yourself & Save!
Arts Exotiques is a distributor of exotic mosaic Arts Catalogs! You save when hand craft the mosaic for you, and you mount it yourself to a table, counter, or backsplash.
Several patterns available to choose from.
Mosaic Mural Supplier Catalog!
Arts Exotiques is a supplier of the most exotic hand made finish on mosaic tiles. Over 400 designs and sizes are available for wholesale.
Mural Wholesale
Tile Wholesale
Accent Tile Wholesale Catalog!
The most exotic accent tiles are offered by Arts Exotiques. Large variety of tiles in stock ready for sale in lots of bulk.
Accent Rug Supplier Catalog!
Exotic patterns, hand designed on tiles, in the Southern Mediterranean, available to ship anywhere.
Rug Wholesale
Mosaic Wholesale
Mosaic Distributor Catalog!
Architectural projects catalogs? Exotic looks? Arts Exotiques is a distributor of the most exotic mosaic medallions.
Wholesale Fountains Catalog!
Arts Exotiques is a distributor of a selection of the most exotic fountains.
Fountains Wholesale
Arts Exotiques is a wholesaler, supplier, distributor, of the most exotic home decor products with Southern Mediterranean style.
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Home Decor Catalog

Lines offered:

Wholesale Tiles - Wholesale Poufs/Ottomans - Wholesale Bird Cages - Wholesale Ashtrays - Wholesale Olive Wood Products - Wholesale Fountains - Wholesale Chess Sets - Wholesale Mosaic - Wholesale Drums - Wholesale Rugs - Novelty Wholesale - Designer Center - Retailers POS

Arts Exotics Supplier
ArtsExotiques presents
a catalog of the most beautiful handmade crafts from the Southern Mediterranean Coast. Each of our products is uniquely hand crafted.

Home Decor Catalog

Products Wholesale Tiles, wholesale poufs, wholesale bird cages, wholesale ashtrays, wholesale olive wood products, Wholesale Fountains, Wholesale Chess Sets, Wholesale Mosaic, Wholesale Drums, Wholesale Rugs, Wholesale Novelty Gifts

B2B services & catalog
Designer center, custom design service
Ceramic tile distributor, retail POS
Custom mosaic furniture

Considering its location, Mediterranean decor comes in various styles. Influenced by neighboring styles: Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Berber, Tunisian, Moroccan, Egyptian, Portuguese, Persian, Greek.

Exotic Decor Wholesale
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